Gianluca Veronesi

Professor in Healthcare Management, University of Bristol

Gianluca is a Professor of Healthcare Management at the University of Bristol (United Kingdom) since September 2017. He holds a PhD from the University of Leeds (United Kingdom) and, prior to that, he successfully completed a BSc in Law and Economics at the University of Trento (Italy) and an MBA at Leeds University Business School.

His research interests are predominantly in the governance and management of healthcare organisations. Specifically, he has investigated the role and effectiveness of hospitals governing boards, changes in the management structures and functions of healthcare organisations and their effects on the efficiency and effectiveness of healthcare provision, the impact of clinical leadership on hospital performance, and antecedents and implications of human capital for performance outcomes. Current projects include investigating the role of the medical profession in health reforms, antecedents and consequences of medical engagement and the impact of consulting advice usage on organisational performance

Gianluca’s research has been supported by the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC), the Northern Leadership Academy (NLA), the Centre for Innovation in Health and Management (CIHM) and the World University Network (WUN). He publishes predominantly in management-oriented academic journals and has presented and discussed his findings with academics, policy makers and practitioners.

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