Frugal innovation and what it offers the assistive technology sector

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The GReAT Consultation 2019 was held in Geneva on 22 and 23 August 2019 and brought academics, practitioners, policy makers, and assistive technology users together to guide the content development of the Global Report. A total of 85 contributions were presented throughout the 2 day programme.

Global Report on effective access to Assistive Technology

The resolution WHA71.8 – Improving access to assistive technology calls upon WHO to prepare a global report on effective access to assistive technology by 2021. Objectives of this Global Report include highlighting the current need, demand and supply of assistive technology, as well as outlining good practices for innovation and recommendations to improve access.

The development of the Global Report will be led by the WHO Secretariat, the Global Cooperation on Assistive Technology (GATE) and an ad-hoc Advisory Group of Experts in collaboration with international experts and stakeholders in AT. WHO will also identify key contributions from different backgrounds and countries to ensure that the Global Report will cover a range of cultural contexts and different approaches, which are based on background papers supported by the best available evidence.

Ad-hoc Advisory Group of Experts on Assistive Technology

WHO has conveyed an ad hoc Advisory Group of Experts on Assistive Technology. The first in person meeting of the Advisory Group (AG) was held on 21 August 2019 In Geneva. The primary function of the AG is to provide high-level advice and oversight to the development of the Global Report, in particular towards:

  • methods to assess current and future need/unmet need of AT;
  • methods for evidence review of best practice across all aspects of AT, including products, policy, personnel and provision;
  • development of recommendations which support sustainable and integrated access to AT as an indispensable element for Universal Health Coverage and the achievement of related Sustainable Development Goals;
  • strategic priorities in research and innovation for improving access to AT across the world, based on the findings of the Global Report.

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