Ghislaine Cleret de Langavant

Director of the Office of responsible research conduct

Ghislaine Cleret de Langavant is an associated researcher in the Canada research Chair on Collaborative culture in law and health policy since 2017. She is also the director of the Office of responsible conduct in research (BCRR) at the University of Montreal since January 2017. As part of her duties, she is responsible for the management and scientific direction of the BCRR which has the following mandates: 1) ethical oversight of research with human subjects, 2) ethical oversight of research with animals, 3) evaluation of allegations of scientific misconduct, 4) support and training of members of the research community relative research ethics and research integrity, including health and security in laboratories.

Ghislaine Cleret de Langavant holds a doctorate in biomedical sciences, a master's degree in nutrition, and a bachelor's degree in biochemistry. Since 2004, she is an associate professor at University of Montreal’s department of health administration.

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