Conférence de Clôture des stages Mitacs Globalink au H-Pod

H-pod is proud to announce that the international students from the Mitacs Globalink program have brilliantly taken up the challenge of presenting the results of 12 weeks of research on September 4 at the Centre de recherche du CHUM.

🇧🇷 Gabriela Monteiro : Artificial Intelligence and Liability in the Health System : international mapping of regulations and comparative analysis.
🇲🇽 Moises Guel : Major intervention in media by the Canadian Medical Doctors and Health Associations regarding Health Policies and Reforms during the last 24 years.
🇨🇳 Anran Tan : Policy and Organizational Challenges regarding the Implementation of Artificial Intelligence in Health Care.
🇺🇦 Olia Brutsiak: Impact of World Health Organization on Ukrainian legal system.

Congratulations to these exceptional students!

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