Fields of Research

Research Mission

The H-POD aims to develop leading-edge transdisciplinary knowledge (in policy, organizations, and law) and offer a comparative perspective on major issues in the evolution of contemporary health systems. Health systems are comprised of a complex grouping of activities, actors, institutions and norms and this complexity must be taken into account in the study of these issues.

Themes and Areas of Research

Four priority research areas were identified in the initial phase of H-POD’s development. These areas are: -       The engineering of learning health systems (including artificial intelligence and digital innovation)-       The renewal of professionalism and intersectoral action in health -       The role and impact of standardized care at the provincial, national and international levels-       Conflict management in health

Research projects are underway in each of these priority areas. For example, H-POD directors are involved in projects on the role of socio-technical metaphors in modelling learning health systems, the role of physicians in health system reform (comparing Canada and England), the impact of international standardization and health metasystems on clinical practice and health policy, and the use of preventive dispute resolution mechanisms to support digital innovation and transformations in health systems.

The H-POD's research is based on collaboration with partners in the health sector and the Canadian and international academic community.

The H-POD’s activities are divided into five categories:

  1. The organization of a conference series that focuses on current and future issues in health policy, organizations, and law, geared towards actors within the health system as well as the general public.
  2. The development of a transdisciplinary and comparative research program that focuses on policy, organizational, and legal challenges facing the health system.
  3. The formation of priority areas which permit the production of publications and the creation of forums for discussion with relevant government decision-makers, administrators, lawyers, and clinicians on themes that are critical to the evolution of health systems.
  4. The organization of seminars and development activities for young scholars (at the masters, doctorate, and postdoctoral levels) or established scholars in the field of health policy, organizations, and law.
  5. The development of partnerships with organizations that are active in the H-POD’s focus areas.

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