Background The Health Hub: Policy, Organizations and Law (H-POD) draws on important institutional assets at the University of Montreal in the development of knowledge and expertise on health systems: the Canada Research Chair in Health System Design and Adaptation (current chairholder: Jean-Louis Denis), the Canada Research Chair in Collaborative Culture in Health Law and Policy (current chairholder: Catherine Régis), the Research Center of the University Hospital Center of Montreal (CRCHUM), the Faculty of Law of the University of Montreal, the School of Public Health (ESPUM) and the Public Law Research Center (CRDP). The H-POD stems from the collaboration between the two Research Chairs, whose similar interests are aligned. It proposes various innovations with the goal of bringing together differing disciplinary views (from policy, organizations and law) to inform research and decision-making within health care systems. Mission and Objectives The H-POD’s activities are based on the expectation that tomorrow’s successful health systems will rely heavily on innovations in the areas of health policy, organizations, and law. Researchers collaborate on a voluntary basis with the goal of developing leading-edge transdisciplinary knowledge and a comparative perspective on key issues that mark the evolution of contemporary health systems, such as digital innovation and the renewal of medical professionalism. The H-POD relies on close collaboration with government decision-makers, administrators, and practitioners in order to expand the scope of its research. The H-POD provides students and researchers – both national and international – with a stimulating research and training environment, as well as a forum for sharing knowledge between practice and decision-making settings.

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