The Advisory Committee

The Advisory Committee is comprised of leading academics and partners within the health sector. Their diverse backgrounds, combined with the capabilities of the H-POD’s two directors, make the Committee a source of external, objective advice.

The Committee is currently composed of five members. The members, including both researchers and independent professionals, were selected based on their expertise, experience and reputation in the areas of health policy, organizations, and law.

The role of the Committee is to support the development of the H-POD and to offer advice on issues relating to the H-POD’s scientific, strategic, and governance directions.

Current Advisory Committee Members:

Mme Ghislaine Cleret de Langavant (Office of Responsible Conduct in Research, University of Montreal)

Professor Éric Montpetit (University of Montreal)

Dr. Denis Roy (Institut national d’excellence en santé et services sociaux)

Professor Carolyn Tuohy (University of Toronto)

Professor Alicia Yamin (Harvard University and Georgetown University)


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